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Midsomer Norton  Railway Museum

Our collections are housed in a building which started life as a stable for horses which were used for shunting and working the carts and dreys that transported goods to and from the station. Following the closure of the Somerset and Dorset Railway in 1966, the stable block fell into disuse and when The Somerset and Dorset Railway Heritage Trust took it over, it was derelict and with no roof. Thanks to the perseverance of volunteers and favourable publicity from the local press a grant was received from the Heritage Lottery Fund plus local councils.

The Collection

The more important Somerset and Dorset Railway items were donated by one man - Roy Brown. he gave us the whole of his collection. His request was that they should remain just as they were when he took them off the demolition train. His wishes have been followed.
Other items have been donated regularly by visitors and local persons over the years. These are often pieces of family memorabilia.
Various storyboards show the evolution of the Railway Heritage Trust and explain the history of the station and its environs - for instance the Norton Hill Colliery which was situated close by.

Midsomer Norton South Station

The station was built in 1873 on the Bath Extension of Somerset and Dorset Railway single line track from Evercreech. This extension was opened on July 20th 1874. The station is situated 400 feet up in the Mendips and is 12 1/2 miles from the original terminus at Green Park station Bath. The line was doubled in 1886 and a signal box erected at the station. The goods yard closed on June 15th 1964 and the passenger station closed completely on March 6th 1966, one month after the closure of the local colliery on nearby Norton Hill.

Our Aims
The Museum celebrates the unique historic railway heritage of Midsomer Norton South station in relation to the whole Somerset and Dorset Railway. It explores the history through displays of historic artefacts and documents. The Museum aims to stimulate and maintain interest in the S&D Railway and its routeway, through making positive contributions to learning, culture and leisure for the local community, visitors and railway enthusiasts of all ages. It forms just one part of the living history experience to be gained from a visit to the signposted Heritage Railway Site in Silver Street, Midsomer Norton.

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